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First stock items coming soon

We excited to announce that our first inventory stock items are coming soon. We have ordered a number of ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool and ZWO ASI120MC to keep in stock for shipping directly from Oman. These are amazing little cameras and you get a lot of bang for your buck with these little wonders. The ASI1600MM-Cool is a monochrome camera that provides a very reasonable entry cost into the world of cooled Astro-Photography with a large sensor. The price point of this camera makes it a very attractive proposition for somebody looking for a larger field of view but unwilling to pay the typical prices of large FOV cameras that are usually much higher than $2000. The ASI120MC on the other hand is an excellent planetary camera that can also be used for live view observation. We are very excited to have these cameras in stock and expect them to sell out very quickly. In fact, our first batch of ASI1600MM-Cool has already been sold out even before delivery.

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