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Grand Opening of Astronomical Solutions Trading Company


The Astronomical Solutions Trading Company has just opened its doors for business. We are a committed to provide you with high quality astronomical equipment to meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs. We have been carefully selecting the brands we represent based on their quality of their products and the quality of support they provide. We have a broad range of products to fit the needs of institutions doing scientific research, astrophotographers and advanced visual observers. We plan to continuously expand our range of products, including some original products we are working on. We have chosen to cater for you via a web store so you can reach us no matter which part of the Middle East and North Africa you are located at. We are also working on building a repository of knowledge on our website to help share the knowledge about astronomy and astrophotography. We the founders of this company are our selves avid  and truly love this astronomy. You can be sure when you deal with us, we will not be selling you something we ourselves would not be willing to use personally.