Officina Stelare Veloce RH 200


8″ of aperture at, 6oo mm focal length giving you a focal length of f3! It has a massive fully corrected imaging circle of 44 mm allowing for large sensor cameras to be used. This telescope is every astrophotographers dream telescope for moderately wide field imaging.

Please note that Officina Stallare telescopes are shipped to order from the factory and that there will be additional crating and shipping charges by the manufacturer.


تلسكوب عاكس بقطر ٨ بوصة عالي الجودة ببعد بؤري ٦٠٠مم. ويتميز بطول بؤري ٣ مما يسمح بتصوير سريع جدا للأجرام. ويمكن استخدام كاميرات بمستشعرات كبيرة مع هذا التلسكوب

يسمح هذا التلسكوب بتصوير مساحات عريضة من الأجرام بسرعة فائقة وتفاصيل دقيقة



Model Veloce RH 200
Type Riccardi-Honders, flat field, improved design
Primary mirror (Mangin) diameter: 190 mm (7.4″)
Front corrector lens diameter: 220 mm (8.6″)
OTA assembly type: Thermo compensated material
Focal lenth: 600 mm (24″)
F / ratio: f/3
Linear obstruction: 55%
Full corrected and illuminated field: 42 mm (24×36 mm full format)
Weight: 8.4 Kg (19 lb)
Dimensions: 248 (419 with light shield) L x 252 W x 282 H mm
Back focus length from full in standard focuser: about 65 mm (2.55″)
RMS polychromatic (430 to 700 nm) spot size: max 9 micron at field edge
Special, thermo compensated material, close tube design. Carbon fibre retractable light shield. Unique and innovative cells design, back tip-tilt pate, easy collimation system, piggy back camera support, standard Vixen dovetail. 72mm clear diameter FineFocus manual focuser. Cap cover.


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