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Astronomical Solutions Trading Company is now the official distributor for Blue Astro Products

Blue Astro

ASTC is now the official distributor for Blue Astro products. Blue Astro is a Swedish company that has been creating some very exciting accessories. Currently the main focus of Blue Astro is on Observatory Accessories. They make a handy little weather station which is both ASCOM compliant and bolt wood standard compliant, this allows you to use it with MaximDL. They have just finished testing a USB and Power hub that is specifically designed for remote operation as it allows you to remotely turn accessories on and off as well as physically disconnect and re-plug USB cables, this device also contains an integrated dew heater controller. Soon to be released is a Roll Off Roof observatory controller. We are very excited about these products and feel that they would be of tremendous value to people who are setting up observatories and would like to remotely control them.

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Astronomical Solutions Trading Company is now the official sole distributor of Avalon Instruments in MENA

Avalon Instruments

ASTC is proud to announce that we are now the sole distributor for Avalon Instruments mounts and other equipment for the Middle East and North Africa region. This gives clients in the region access to a distributor that can cater for their unique needs including access to Arabic language documentation as well as access to Arabic speaking sales support and purchase advice. We also plan to set up a regional support hub. Avalon Instruments is an Italian manufacturer of premium mounts and other astronomical accessories. They are best known for their mounts that utilize a fully belt driven system that totally eliminates gears. This mechanism offers many advantages including elimination of backlash, quieter slews and outstanding guiding performance when imaging. The mounts also feature a controller that can be used effectively without a PC even imaging scenarios as well as fully machined Aluminum construction. Avalon Instruments are also well known for their outstanding tripods that are lightweight and extremely sturdy.