Introducing the StellarPrint Series: Revolutionizing Astronomy Accessories with 3D Printing

Welcome to the future of astronomy equipment with ASC’s StellarPrint Series. This innovative range of 3D-printed accessories is designed to meet the evolving needs of astronomers, combining cutting-edge technology with practical, user-focused features. Discover how StellarPrint is transforming the landscape of astronomy gear:

On-Demand Manufacturing: Say goodbye to long waits for out-of-stock items. With our on-demand manufacturing approach, StellarPrint Series products are created as soon as you place your order. As long as we have access to raw materials, your desired astronomy accessory is just a print away. This not only ensures timely delivery but also reduces waste and inventory costs.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Imagine having astronomy accessories tailored to your specific needs. StellarPrint makes this a reality. We offer the unique ability to customize products for individual clients at a reasonable cost. Whether it’s a slight modification or a completely new design, our 3D printing capabilities allow for unparalleled personalization.

Niche Products, Big Impact: The StellarPrint Series shines in addressing niche needs that larger manufacturers often overlook. Our Crescent Moon Observing Solar Baffle is a perfect example. Such specialized items may not be viable for large production runs, but with 3D printing, we bring these unique solutions to life, ensuring that even the most specific requirements are met.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Traditional manufacturing methods can limit design flexibility, but not with StellarPrint. We constantly refine and improve designs, even for popular products. If there’s a known design flaw or a way to enhance an existing product, our 3D printing technology allows us to make those improvements quickly and efficiently.

The StellarPrint Series represents not just a line of products but a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a professional astronomer or a hobbyist, our 3D-printed accessories offer the precision, customization, and quality you need to explore the universe.

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  • crescent moon observing baffle with solar finder Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    StellarPrint Crescent moon observing baffle

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    The StellarPrint Crescent moon observing baffle is an original product developed by ASC for observing the crescent moon. It has many innovative features that differentiate it from what is already available in the market. Some of the innovative features on this baffle:

    • The baffle integrates a solar finder to help point it at the sun quickly reducing setup time.
    • Carbon fiber tubes reduce flexure without adding weight
    • The baffle can be separated into 3 pieces for easy transportation
    • Comes with a convenient tube for transportation
    • Weighs less than 230 grams assembled
    • Entire package weighs only 450 grams, easy to transport and store
    • Individual components if damaged can be replaced

    Product is made to order

  • StellarPrint DSLR Dovetail Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    StellarPrint DSLR Dovetail

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    $13.45 Add to cart

    StellarPrint DSLR Dovetail

    This compact, low weight DSLR Dovetail (vixen Style), is the perfect accessory for mounting your DSLR directly onto a telescope mount, especially a travel mount with limited weight capacity such as the SkyGuider or the SkyHunter mounts. It is made from rigid Carbonfil material that is perfect for low weight, high rigidity use cases such as this.

  • StellarPrint Solar Film Holder Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    StellarPrint Solar Film Holder

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    $40.35 Add to cart

    StellarPrint Solar Film Holder

    Secure your solar observations with the StellarPrint Solar Film Holder, tailored for telescopes with apertures of 60mm to 90mm. This durable ASA plastic holder, enhanced with brass inserts and nylon screws, ensures a firm and scratch-free fit for your solar filter film. The non-slip, compression-based design promises steady and safe solar viewing, making it an essential tool for every solar astronomer’s kit. A convenient and easy way to secure a solar filter onto your telescope. Furthermore, should you need to replace your Solar Filter Film, it is as simple unscrewing 3 screws to install a new one!

    Note: Filter not included

  • Stellarprint Dark Frame Filter Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    StellarPrint black filter for dark frame 1.25″

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    $13.45 Add to cart

    This simple blank filter screws into your 1.25″ filter wheel and blocks the light from entering the camera allowing for dark frames to be taken without having to install the lid on the telescope. We have 3D printed this part from black ABS and sanded the camera side so as to prevent reflections. The blank filter also has a slot so you can use a coin to screw it in or out.

  • Stellar Print Bahtinov Mask

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    $34.97 Select options

    StellarPrint Bahtinov Mask: Precision Focus for Every Star Gazer

    Achieve perfect focus for your celestial observations with the StellarPrint Bahtinov Mask. Tailored for astronomers who demand accuracy, this essential accessory is now part of our StellarPrint series, designed to bring the universe into clearer view.


    • Versatile Sizes: Available in a range of sizes to fit various telescopes, ensuring that every astronomer finds their match.
    • Customizable: Can’t find your size? StellarPrint accommodates your specific needs with custom-sized masks. Simply request, and we’ll create a Bahtinov Mask tailored just for your telescope.
    • Precision Focusing: Designed for ease of use and impeccable focusing performance, making it easier than ever to achieve sharp, precise images of the stars.

    Whether you’re capturing stunning astrophotography or observing the night sky, the StellarPrint Bahtinov Mask is your key to unlocking sharper views and enhancing your stargazing experience.

  • StellarPrint Solar finder Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    StellarPrint Solar finder

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    $10.76 Add to cart

    StellarPrint Solar Finder: Simplified Solar Tracking

    Effortlessly locate the sun with our StellarPrint Solar Finder. This innovative tool, designed for standard Synta-style finder dovetails, projects the sun’s disk onto a small acrylic screen for easy and safe solar alignment. With a one-time setup marked on the screen, subsequent observations become quick and hassle-free. Crafted with durable 3D-printed materials, it’s an essential, lightweight addition to your solar observing arsenal.

    New production run is in red colored ASA plastic. The ASA is more resistant to UV and will resist damage from the sun, the red color absorbs less heat than the original black color making it less likely from deforming on a really hot sunny day.

  • StellarPrint ASIAir Vixen style mount with ASIAir Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    StellarPrint Vixen Style Dovetail Clamp for ASI Air

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    The StellarPrint Vixen Style Dovetail Clamp for ASI Air, crafted from FormFutura ApolloX filament, is a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution for securely mounting your ZWO ASIAir. Designed to fit Vixen style dovetails ranging from 42mm to 48mm, it ensures a perfect fit for a wide array of telescopes. The clamp’s red ASA plastic is chosen for its impact and UV resistance, guaranteeing durability and a matching look with your ASIAir unit. Its thoughtful design minimizes the risk of cable snags, enhancing your observation setup’s efficiency and safety. With a one-year warranty and developed in response to avid astronomers’ feedback, this clamp represents a seamless blend of functionality and design excellence for the modern astronomer.

  • Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    StellarPrint CF-Lite Dovetail

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    Elevate your astronomy setup with the StellarPrint CF-Lite Dovetail. At a convenient 20 cm length and reinforced with carbon fiber, it offers unparalleled rigidity and strength while remaining impressively lightweight. Perfect for low weight capacity mounts, it’s a Vixen-style compatible, easy-to-install essential for any telescope enthusiast seeking quality and practicality in a compact form.y and efficiency.

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