3M Scopedome Plug And Play kit


3M Dome Motor 120W/230V (with Dome Position Encoder Module)

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PlugAndPlay automation system dedicated for ScopeDome 3M dome incudes:

  • 3M Dome Motor 120W/230V (with Dome Position Encoder Module)
  • 3M Shutter Motor 120W/230V
  • 2 x inverter for controlling the rotation and shutter motor 
  • ScopeDome Arduino card ver. 1.3 in a housing and with power supply
  • dome shutter limit switches (Open / Close)
  • Home sensor
  • thermometers for measuring the temperature of motors
  • humidity sensor
  • dome electronics heating system
  • dome motors heating system
  • PlugAndPlay cabling for the 3M dome
  • mounting plates for the Dome and Shutter parts allowing the installation of cards on the pier and the side panel of the dome

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System description:

Based on the ScopeDome Arduino Card, we offer a complete observatory automation system. In combination with control software compliant with the ASCOM standard, it allows conducting remote observation sessions.

– Plug and play wiring

One of the biggest problems during the construction of the observatory is the connection of all automation components necessary for proper operation of the dome. This operation is facilitated by dedicated Plug And Play cabling. No electronics knowledge required to connect it. To run the automation in the observatory, simply connect all the wires in accordance with their numbering. It takes no more than five minutes.

– Operation with weather stations

Our cards work with the most popular weather stations and Cloud Sensor type sensors (Boltwood, AAG Cloud Sensor, Davis, Heavy Weather, WeatherUnderground).

For the ScopeDome Arduino card you can optionally order a dedicated Cloud and Rain sensor manufactured by ScopeDome.

-Power control in the observatory

In addition, our system allows you to control the power supply of the observatory equipment (e.g. telescope, CCD camera, focuser, lighting, ventilation).

– Heating control in the observatory

The ScopeDome card has a built-in observatory heating control system. It allows heating of the electronics, motors and mirrors of the telescope.

– Emergency situations

The card and its software allow for automatic emergency closing of the observatory shutters in case of various emergency situations: from loss of internet connection to power outage or bad weather conditions.

– Cooperation with domes of other manufacturers

With the help of our control cards you can successfully automate not only ScopeDome domes, but also domes or Roll-Offs from other manufacturers such as: Sirius, Baader, HomeDome, etc.

The ScopeDome card can control up to three engines (azimuth, main shutter, bottom shutter).


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