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Dual Saddle Plate Vixen/EQ saddle plate


The Dual Saddle Plate redefines the way you explore the cosmos. Designed to mount two telescopes side by side on a single mount, it’s a game-changer for astrophotographers looking to double their data collection or solar observers eager to capture the sun’s splendor in multiple wavelengths. Its robust CNC-machined, anodized aluminum construction guarantees stability, while its versatility knows no bounds, making it suitable for various observation scenarios. With this plate, you’ll seize the opportunity to observe, image, and uncover the secrets of the universe with newfound efficiency and creativity, elevating your stargazing experiences to extraordinary heights.

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Introducing the Dual Saddle Plate: Double the Vision, Double the Discovery

Unlock boundless possibilities in your astronomy and astrophotography journey with our Dual Saddle Plate. Designed to mount two telescopes side by side on a single mount, this innovative accessory transforms your stargazing experience. Whether you’re an avid astrophotographer looking to double your data capture efficiency or an enthusiast with a penchant for solar observing, this versatile plate is your key to an expanded celestial world.

**Enhanced Astrophotography**: For astrophotographers, time is precious. With the Dual Saddle Plate, you can simultaneously mount two telescopes, doubling your data acquisition rate. Capture stunning celestial objects with one telescope while exploring another target, all in the same session. It’s the perfect solution for capturing deep-sky wonders, pairing a wide-field scope with a high-magnification telescope for extraordinary results.

**Diverse Solar Observing**: Take your solar observing to the next level by mounting a white light filter telescope alongside a Hydrogen Alpha scope. Now, you can study the sun in different wavelengths, revealing intricate solar phenomena like sunspots, solar flares, and prominences, all in one solar session.

**Multifaceted Use Cases**: The Dual Saddle Plate isn’t limited to just astrophotography and solar observation. It’s a versatile tool that’s adaptable to various scenarios. Imagine pairing a refractor with a reflector for stunning terrestrial and celestial viewing, or even setting up one telescope for visual observing and another for imaging—all on a single mount.

**Robust Construction**: Crafted from fully CNC-machined and anodized aluminum, the Dual Saddle Plate boasts exceptional strength and durability. Its precise engineering ensures your telescopes are securely held in place, preventing unwanted movement during observations.

**Technical Specifications**:
– Length: 250mm
– Maximum Plate Width: 43.5mm
– Saddle Plate Width: 50mm
– Thickness: 15mm + 15mm
– Maximum Load Capacity Each Side: 4 Kg

Experience the freedom to diversify your celestial explorations with the Dual Saddle Plate. Whether you’re a seasoned astrophotographer, a solar enthusiast, or simply a telescope enthusiast with a passion for the stars, this accessory empowers you to explore the universe like never before. Elevate your stargazing experience and maximize your telescope’s potential with the Dual Saddle Plate today.

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions40 × 12 × 6 cm


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Vixen/EQ saddle plate side by side.
Fully aluminium CNC machined and anodized.



Width max (plate)43,5 mm
Width saddle plate50 mm
Thickness15 + 15mm
Max load each side4 Kg.
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