MaxDome II Observatory Dome Control System


Kit for operating roll-off roof observatories. (Not suitable for rotating dome observatories.)

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The MaxDome II dome controller provides flexible, fully integrated observatory dome control. Features include:

  • ASCOM-Standard dome and telescope interfaces
  • Support for Automadome
  • Slave dome rotation to your telescope
  • Rotation-only and full shutter-and-rotation systems available
  • Single or dual shutter operation, with sequencing
  • Wireless shutter control – no unreliable sliding contacts
  • Direct confirmation of shutter open/closed state
  • Safety interlocks automatically close dome upon loss of data from PC
  • Park-before-close option to avoid mechanical interferences
  • Manual override controls for shutter and rotation control
  • Auxiliary auto-close inputs for Boltwood Cloud Sensor or other observatory protection hardware
  • Easily adapted to custom or commercial observatory domes
  • Directly compatible with Sirius Observatories
  • Directly drives 12VDC motors up to 5A. Can operate other motor types through external relays.
  • Field-upgradable firmware

A full MaxDome installation includes two identical controller boards. The main board, which controls dome rotation, connects to the controlling PC. A second identical board, riding on the rotating dome and powered by a solar-charged battery (not included), operates the shutters.

A wireless inductive link provides constant communications between the two boards, allowing for full control and status monitoring. This eliminates the need for clumsy and trouble-prone electrical contacts.


MaxDome Block Diagram

MaxDome II Software/Drivers

MaxDome II Software/Drivers and user manual are distributed on a USB stick included with the product.


Shutter and Rotation Kit, Shutter Only Kit, Rotation Only Kit


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