ScopeDome 12V DC PWM Motor Control


The ScopeDome 12V DC PWM Motor Control is designed to control speed of 12V DC motor with power up to 150W.

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Basic information about the card:

The controller is designed to control speed of 12V DC motor with power up to 150W. The input system has been designed for both roll off roof and dome-based observatories. Built-in CW/CCW and Open/Close buttons allow manual control of the motors. The controller is also suitable for direct cooperation with ScopeDome USB cards. This allows you to control the motor by PC – eg. through ASCOM drivers.

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Main features

  • Motor speed control
  • Control the direction of rotation (CW/CCW)
  • Adjustable soft start
  • Adjustable soft stop
  • Built-in adjustable control the temperature inside the driver’s box
  • Full protection of power transistors from overheating, short circuits and exceeding the maximum motor current
  • Integrated inputs for limit switches stopping the motor
  • Waterproof box


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