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SV41 Mak Spotting Scope


Elevate your viewing experience with the SVBony SV41 Maksutov Spotting Scope. Boasting a remarkable aperture of 70mm and a versatile magnification range from 25x to 75x, this scope delivers unparalleled clarity and detail whether you’re observing wildlife, exploring the night sky, or enjoying live events. With its rugged waterproof design (IPx7), the SV41 is built to withstand the elements, while the included tripod and carry case enhance convenience and portability. Discover a world of precision and beauty through the lens of the SVBony SV41.

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SVBony SV41 Maksutov Spotting Scope: Unleash the World in Stunning Detail

Discover the world like never before with the SV41 Mak Spotting Scope by SVBony. Engineered to deliver exceptional magnification capabilities, impeccable optics, and rugged design, the SV41 is the ultimate companion for both outdoor enthusiasts and avid observers. With a magnification range of 25x to 75x and an impressive aperture of 70mm, this spotting scope transforms every sighting into an immersive visual experience.

Key Features:

Crystal-Clear Optics: Equipped with advanced optics, the SV41 ensures exceptional clarity and precision in every observation. Its Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design guarantees minimal chromatic aberration and distortion, offering crisp, high-resolution images across the entire magnification range.

Variable Magnification: From distant wildlife to celestial wonders, the SV41’s versatile magnification range of 25x to 75x brings your subjects closer with astonishing detail. Whether you’re birdwatching, stargazing, or observing sporting events, this spotting scope adapts effortlessly to your needs.

Aperture Excellence: The generous 70mm aperture captures ample light, providing vibrant and well-defined images even in low-light conditions. Experience unparalleled brightness and contrast that reveal hidden details and textures.

Rugged Durability: Engineered to endure various environments, the SV41 boasts an IPx7 rating, rendering it waterproof and ready to withstand unexpected weather changes. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance in the field, allowing you to focus on the wonders around you.

Complete Package: The SV41 arrives with a versatile tripod and a convenient carry case, making it travel-friendly and easy to set up. The tripod provides stability and precision during your observations, while the carry case safeguards your investment, ensuring that your spotting scope remains in pristine condition.

Elevate your observation game with the SVBony SV41 Maksutov Spotting Scope. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an amateur astronomer, or a dedicated sports fan, this spotting scope is your gateway to the extraordinary. Unveil intricate details, explore uncharted territories, and immerse yourself in the world’s beauty with the SV41 by your side. Experience the extraordinary – order your SV41 today.

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions35 × 17 × 11 cm


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Focal Length780mm
Focal Ratio11.2
Eyepiece diameter20mm
Lens CoatingFull Multi-Coated
Exit Pupil2.8-0.93mm
Prism ClassBaK4
Eye Relief19mm @25x-15mm@75x
Linear Field of View60- 105ft/1000yds
Close Focus10m/32.8ft
Net Weight792g / 27.96oz
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