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  • ZWO Duo Band Filter 1.25 Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Duo-band Filter 1.25-in

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    The ZWO Duo-Band filter is a 1.25″ filter designed for astrophotography. It allows users to capture both H-alpha and OIII wavelengths in one shot, making it ideal for capturing emission nebulae. The filter has a 7±0.5nm FWHM bandpass, fine-optically polished surfaces to ensure maximum light transmission, and a <0.1% transmission of off-band, OD3 (Optical Density). It also has about 90% transmission at the H-alpha and OIII lines and has an infrared wavelength 700-1100nm cut-off and a UV/IR cut-off at 400nm and 700nm. The filter is compatible with a wide range of telescopes and cameras and comes in a protective case for safe storage. Feedback about the ZWO Duo-Band filter has been positive, with users praising its ability to capture both wavelengths in one shot, high-quality materials, and excellent image quality.

    Overall, the ZWO Duo-Band filter is a versatile and high-quality filter that simplifies astrophotography by allowing users to capture both H-alpha and OIII wavelengths in one shot. Its high-quality materials and fine-optically polished surfaces result in excellent image quality, and its compatibility with a wide range of telescopes and cameras make it a great addition to any astrophotography setup.


  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Off-Axis Guider OAG

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    ZWO Off-Axis Guider for Astrophotography uses an internal pick-off prism that collects light running off of the telescope axis.

  • t2 sct adapter Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    T2 Extension Tube Set

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    Set of 5 extension tubes with T2 thread on both sides for astrophotography. Additionally with adapter from SC to T2 thread.

    • 5 T2 tubes with lengths from 5 mm to 30 mm
    • For exact camera distances in astrophotography
    • Length of tubes: 5/7.5/10/15/30 mm
    • T2 thread on both sides of each tube
    • Also comes with SC to T2 thread adapter.
  • 150mm dobsonian telescope kit Brand: Sale! Add to cart Quick View

    Ra 150N Dobsonian Telescope Kit

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    Item on clearance sale, last few pieces in stock

    The Levenhuk Ra 150N Dobsonian Newtonian telescope OTA is an easy to use optical instrument for observing deep sky objects, including bright and faint galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae. Some of them can be observed in detail. You can also study the planets of the solar system. Up to Saturn, they are clearly visible. The telescope is suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. Due to its high image quality and ergonomic design, it will not disappoint even the most demanding astronomer.

  • dry ice snow cleaning 2 Brand: Select options Quick View

    CO2 Snow Cleaning Service

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    ر.ع.2.000ر.ع.20.000 Select options

    The CO2 Snow Cleaning process removes particles of all sizes, from visible down to 3 – 5 nanometers. At the same time, hydrocarbon-based contamination and organic residues can be removed. Carbon dioxide snow cleaning is nondestructive, nonabrasive, residue-free, and environmentally friendly – there is no chemical waste. The cleaning process is based upon the controlled expansion of either liquid or gaseous carbon dioxide. This expansion leads to the nucleation of small dry ice particles and a high velocity carrier gas stream. Upon impact with a surface, the dry ice removes particles of all sizes by momentum transfer, and hydrocarbons and organics via a transient solvent or a freeze fracture mechanism. The high-velocity gas blows the contaminants away. Additionally, nozzle design changes can be made for cleaning large telescope mirrors.

  • am5 1 Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    AM5 Mount

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    Delivery is 3 weeks after placing the order.

    Ever dreamed of an equatorial mount that requires no counteweights? ZWO has answered the call! They created an EQ mount that can operate without a counterweight.


    • Strong load capacity – Without cw (13 kg), with cw (20kg)
    • Multi-function EQ and Azimuth Mount
    • Wi-Fi Connection and Live Star Database with Hand Controller and APP for Control
    • Precision control harmonic drive speed reducer with synchronous belt
  • single channel dew controller Brand: Select options Quick View

    Digital Dew Controller

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    ر.ع.22.170ر.ع.40.000 Select options

    This digital micro-controlled dew controller has been designed and built in the UK using the highest quality electronic components. With all aspects of astronomy in mind, the controller is easy to use, providing a visual feedback of the current setting (unlike rotary knob versions).

    The digital dew controller comes in single, dual and quad channels. Please choose no. of channels you require from the drop down menu.


  • image of the Zenithstar 73II APO Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Zenithstar 73 III APO (Red)

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    The NEW William Optics 2019 Zenithstar 73 APO (Red) features an air-spaced doublet lens with fully multi-coated optics and an Ohara FPL-53 ED glass element for sharp, high contrast images virtually free of false-colour.

  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    50mm Guidescope w/ 1.25-in RotoLock (Red)

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    The William Optics 50 mm Guiding Scope in Red (complete with a unique 1.25″ rotolock) is a straight-through 50mm finder/guide scope. It will easily fit on your William Optics and other optical tube assemblies

  • crescent moon observing baffle with solar finder Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Crescent moon observing baffle

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    This baffle is an original product developed by ASC for observing the crescent moon. It has many innovative features that differentiate it from what is already available in the market. Some of the innovative features on this baffle:

    • The baffle integrates a solar finder to help point it at the sun quickly reducing setup time.
    • Carbon fiber tubes reduce flexure without adding weight
    • The baffle can be separated into 3 pieces for easy transportation
    • Comes with a convenient tube for transportation
    • Weighs less than 230 grams assembled
    • Entire package weighs only 450 grams, easy to transport and store
    • Individual components if damaged can be replaced

    Product is made to order

  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Laser collimator for Newtonian Telescopes

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    Looking to take your telescope viewing experience to the next level? Look no further than a laser collimator!

    A laser collimator is the ultimate tool for aligning and adjusting your telescope, ensuring that you get the clearest and sharpest images possible. Don’t let a misaligned telescope ruin your stargazing session – a laser collimator can quickly and easily bring your optics back into proper alignment.

    With a simple setup process and easy-to-follow instructions, a laser collimator is the perfect accessory for any telescope enthusiast. Insert the laser collimator into your focuser, turn it on, and watch as it directs a narrow beam of light towards your primary mirror or lens. By analyzing the returning beam of light, the collimator can determine whether your telescope’s optics are properly aligned.

    With a laser collimator, you can enjoy stunning views of the cosmos with ease. Don’t settle for blurry or distorted images – invest in a laser collimator and take your telescope viewing experience to the next level!

  • sky hunter main Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    iOptron SkyHunter Portable EQ/AZ GOTO System

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    Introducing the SkyHunter, iOptron’s new ultra compact EQ/AZ GoTo mount.

    • Payload 11 lbs (5kg) (balanced, exclude CW)
    • Dual-axis servomotors with optical encoders
    • Tracking speed: solar, lunar, 1X, 1/2X, S/N
    • Operation in both northern and southern hemisphere
    • Vixen dovetail saddle
    • Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of operation (20°C)
    • Built-in WIFI adapter for full ASCOM, iOptron CommanderTM and Sky Safari control and MORE!
  • losmandy dovetail plate Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Losmandy-style dovetail plate 300(LDP300)

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    The Askar Losmandy-style dovetail rail is available in two lengths as pictured above (200mm and 300mm). Each one is sold separately. This  is for the 300mm long dovetail rail only.

  • Telescope accessory bag Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Telescope Accessory Bag from Geoptik

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    The perfect telescope accessory bag from Geoptik for your astronomy accessories, this versatile bag is packed with handy features that you will appreciate when you’re out in the field. It comes with molded foam recesses that will help protect your delicate and sensitive optics. This beautifully made case is made by Geoptik, and the Italians sure do know how to make a good-looking product. Precut foam to store all your eyepieces as well as your diagonal. Or maybe visual astronomy is not your thing and you want a way to safely transport your astronomical camera along with all accessories and adaptors. Those foam cutouts are perfect for field flatteners, extension tubes etc… The top section of this bag can be used to store cables, power supplies, finder scopes and any other larger loose items. Once you have used a nice telescope accessory bag, you will wonder how you got along without one in the past. This makes for the perfect telescope eyepiece soft case

  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    4.5kg CW for iEQ30-MT-ZEQ25-CEM25-CEM40

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    ر.ع.30.000 Add to cart

    This 4.5 kg (~10 lbs) counterweight can be used for the following iOptron mount

    • CEM40/CEM40EC* (early version with 20mm CW shaft)
    • iEQ30/iEQ30 Pro
    • CEM25/CEM25P/CEM25EC
    • ZEQ25
    • AZ Mount Pro
    • MiniTower Pro
    • MiniTower II
    • MiniTower

    * Check your CEM40/CEM40EC mount CW shaft diameter before ordering.

    It can be used for other mount with a 20mm diameter counterweight shaft.

  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    SV188P 1.25″ Diagonal

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    • Dielectric coatings; super flat mirror with dielectric coatings to reduce reflected light loss; provide an over 99% reflective surface; good for astronomical viewing
    • 1.25 inches nosepiece fits 1.25 inches telescopes; accepts standard 1.25in filters; eyepieces; Barlow lenses and other accessories with a 1.25in insert barrel
    • 90 degree viewing angle; diagonal reflects the telescope’s light path 90 degree to provide a more comfortable viewing angle; best for observing objects overhead
    • Correct upside down and left right reversed image; the view image is upright; but left and right reversed if use the 90 degrees to your telescope
    • Brass compression ring; Built in brass ring and thumbscrew accessories avoid eyepiece to rotate during adjustments; effortless fixes more firmly and will not scratch your eyepieces barrels
  • dovetail Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Multi-Function Dovetail Slots for Astronomy Telescope

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    Multi-function dovetail slots for optical telescope and finderscope, solid all-metal construction ultra-thin design, ultra-lightweight.

    Suitable for SV48/SV48P/SV503 series telescopes.

  • mount Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Dovetail Base and Mounting Plate Set for Finderscopes

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    ر.ع.5.300 Add to cart

    Svbony fully metal dovetail bracket base and dovetail mounting plate for finderscope. It can fit and protect the tube very well.

    Suitable for SV48 and SV48P, not applicable for SV503 series telescope.

  • USB C Power Delivery to 12v Barrel Connector Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    USB C Power Delivery (PD) to 12v Barrel Connector

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    This USB-C PD to 12V power barrel connector cable is the perfect solution for powering astronomical instruments when away from AC power supplies. It comes with adapters for multiple sizes of barrel connectors, making it versatile and easy to use.

  • Sun Catcher Solar Filter for 150-165mm Telescopes

    Rated 0 out of 5
    ر.ع.18.200 Add to cart

    Solar Filter for 150-165mm Refr.+8″ SC

    • Special objective filter for safe solar observations
    • ISO12312-2 rated
    • Field-stop diameter 165mm
    • Outer telescope tube diameter from 150mm to 280mm
    • Fast setup – easy use
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