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Experience a magical night under the stars on a stargazing trip

Spend an evening under the stars and experience a magical night. This curated experience will make for an unforgettable experience and many fond memories. Come join us on this stargazing trip. Visit our event calendar for upcoming prescheduled trips

Introducing the new magical night sky experience – a journey through the stars that you’ll never forget. Sit back, relax, and let us take you on a unique and exciting journey through the cosmos.

Indulging in a star-filled night sky experience can open your eyes to the beauty of the cosmos in a whole new way! With our passionate astronomers guiding you, you’ll be able to explore celestial marvels like you’ve never seen before. So come take a journey into the night sky with us – it’s sure to be an illuminating and unforgettable experience.

You will explore the universe through its past, present, and future with us. We’ll take you on a journey through the stars, from ancient times to the modern day, learning about what the ancient used to see. It’ll be an incredible experience you won’t want to miss!

Amazingly comfortable and cozy stage for the tour of the sky!

We will set the perfect backdrop for your stargazing experience with a lush artificial lawn. From here you can relax on the ground or recline in our comfortable seats, each of which comes equipped with a cup holder, keeps you comfortable while you gaze up at the stars. We will have adjustable mood lighting as well as soothing background music, this garden has all you need to enjoy an unforgettable night sky experience! We shall not only take you on a stargazing journey, we take you on an experience where you can unwind and relax.

What did ancient civilizations believe about the night sky? Did they see planets, stars, and galaxies? Or was the night sky simply a place where they could observe the natural world?

You may be familiar with the constellation names, but have you ever wondered about the stories behind all the constellation names? With us you won’t get a dry lecture on star magnitudes and distances to the stars, we will give you the stories behind the constellations so you can better appreciate them and the beauty of the magical night sky.

What wonders will you see in the sky?

First, we will start our night with a tour of the most prominent constellations visible for the night. We shall tell you about the stories for those constellations that have stories behind them. If any of the bright planets are visible you will learn how to identify them in the night sky

After the tour of the night sky, we shall move onto the telescope where we will be able to view galaxies, nebulae, and globular clusters, with our 16″ telescope and premium eyepieces you will be able to get quality views beyond what most people will ever get from their personal telescopes.

Antique, Constellations,Sky,Chart,1850

Experience views through a 16″ premium telescope

Our Geoptik Nadirus 16″ telescope is a work of art in and of itself, it is a wonderfully crafted wooden telescope with a large aperture that will provide superb views of the night sky. A telescope of this aperture will provide highly detailed views of the night sky, for those of you who are experienced enough at using a telescope, we can provide high magnification views of planets that are breathtaking. Unlike most stargazing trip providers, we have decided to keep our telescope manual to fully immerse you in the experience.

Nadirus 16" Telescope during event

What makes us qualified to provide this experience?

Hilmi Al-Kindy, our lead guide to the night sky has been an avid astronomer since The year 2005, as of the date of writing this article this gives him 18 years of experience in astronomy. Furthermore, Hilmi has been contracted to operate as curator the leading local Planetarium for one year during 2019. He also has experience in astrophotography and can help you get started in that direction if needed. Hilmi can present in English, Arabic and Swahili.  Astronomical Solutions Company is owned by two astronomers and our employee is an astronomer. We have been in business since 2016 and we are truly passionate about astronomy. So why do we think we are qualified? It is because we love what we do and when we give you a tour of the night sky, we do it with all the love we have for astronomy.

Premium Private Experience

We keep our experience private and cap it to a maximum of 10 people so that you can have the most unforgettable night under the stars, by keeping our groups small, we guarantee that you will have the mood and atmosphere you expect from a premium experience as well as maximizing the amount of time each person gets to spend at the telescope. We provide a comfortable family friendly atmosphere so that you can have the best experience possible. Please note that we provide the astronomy part of this experience, the camping part of this experience is either arranged by our clients or we will help you find a high quality tour company that can arrange a camp site for you. Some of the really great locations for astronomy have hotels in them not too far from our favorite observing sites. We will even help you select the ideal camp site for this experience as we regularly update our light pollution map with actual on the ground readings from dark sky locations (Light Pollution Map – Astronomical Solutions Company)

Astrophotography Experience

Orion Nebula, Canon 60Da, 100mm F2, stepped down to F4, by Hilmi Al-Kindy

We can arrange a private astrophotography experience for a smaller group of 4 people. In the astrophotography experience, you get everything you get in the stargazing experience, plus the following:

  • Basic introduction to astrophotography
  • A cheat sheet with links to excellent introductory resources online
  • Equipment to use with your camera for astrophotography, this consists of the iOptron SkyHunter, an Askar AC200L 200mm F4 astrophotography lens and an autoguiding setup (Please inform us of camera model in advance so we can arrange the correct lens adapter and to check for software compatibility).
  • Pre-selected list of targets to photograph that are easy to image and are visible for that night
  • Also includes all the items in the standard stargazing experience including the sky tour and access to the Dobsonian telescope for visual use.

The experience of astrophotography is very rewarding, however it is far more technical and needs more attention from the instructor, therefore we are capping the group to 4 people. If the group consists of experienced astro-photographers, we can provide more advanced equipment and longer focal length and can adjust the package according to the needs of the group. The price will be adjusted accordingly depending on what we add or remove from the package.

Premium Stargazing Experience

Package for 8 people (1 night)
OMR 25 Per person per night (minimum 8, maximum 10, camping not included in price)
  • Entertaining tour of the constellations and legends associated with them presented in an entertaining way. Presented by a passionate amateur astronomer with more than 15 years of experience in the hobby
  • Garden themed seating area complete with artificial grass (AstroTurf style)
  • Comfortable seating on reclined chairs with footrests so you can gaze at the stars in comfort without straining your neck
  • Mood lighting that has minimal effect on night vision and can be completely switched off for the more serious astronomers
  • 16" Italian hand crafted telescope for the ultimate experience
  • Campfire can be set up on request when not using the telescope
  • Camp experience arranged by third party and charged separately

Astrophotography Experience

Package for 4 people (1 night)
OMR 50 Per person per night inclusive of equipment rental, maximum 4 people (camping not included in price)
  • The focus of this trip will be the astrophotography aspect of astronomy, you bring your own camera, and we will provide a tracking device as well as a high quality 200mm lens and all other equipment needed to get amazing photos
  • We will provide guidance on getting started in astrophotography and will give resources to help you learn more
  • Garden themed seating area complete with artificial grass (AstroTurf style)
  • Comfortable seating on reclined chairs with footrests so you can gaze at the stars in comfort without straining your neck
  • Mood lighting that has minimal effect on night vision and can be completely switched off for the more serious astronomers
  • 16" Italian hand crafted telescope will be available on site to keep you busy while your camera is busy taking photos
  • Camp fire can be set up on request away from the photography area
  • Camp experience arranged by third party and charged separately
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply

  • Astronomy is a weather sensitive activity; we do not take responsibility for weather affecting the activity. Examples of weather affecting the activity are cloud cover, heavy condensation, dust in the air. When discussing the booking we will advise according to our personal experience. No refunds will be provided if unexpected weather or other unpredictable factors lead to the cancellation or interruption of the trip
  • If you are staying at a hotel and would like us to present the activity for you, we do not provide transportation to and from the hotel. Some hotels will accept that we conduct the activity inside the hotel grounds, but they are likely to charge extra for this and we will charge these costs back to you.
  • If camping in public land, we have no control over other campers, we take no responsibility for other campers in public land, we will try and discuss with them to resolve the issue amicably but generally we have no authority to remove someone from public land. Most campers are considerate but sometimes you would get a group that would get very inconsiderate and set up bright spotlights and play drums all night.
  • Oman is a very safe country and in all our years of trips we have never come across a security concern in any form, however we as service providers do not provide any form of security service other than giving general common sense security advice. We accept no liability for any security related issues.
  • We will take reasonable health and safety precautions and will alert you to any concerns we have from our personal experience, however we do not accept any legal liability or responsibility in any form for any health and safety incident. If you have concerns we can have a conversation on our safety procedures in general and you can check if they are to your satisfaction.

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