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  • ASC
  • Askar
  • AstroMedia
  • ATS
  • Bresser
  • Dew Control
  • Diffraction Limited
  • Geoptik
  • iOptron
  • Levenhuk
  • Lunt Solar Systems
  • OCAL
  • PrimaLuce Labs
  • QHY
  • SBIG
  • ScopeDome
  • SharpStar
  • Software Bisque
  • William Optics
  • ZWO

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تابع بودكاست دردشة فلكية عن عالم الفلك


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viewing the night sky through a telescope

Before you buy your first telescope, read this article

Buying your first telescope can be confusing. There are many options for buying a telescope, some look very intimidating, after all telescopes are advanced instruments and you are just getting started in your astronomical journey. I hope that this article will help you understand the decision making process much better so that you do not buy the wrong type of telescope for what you expect to do.

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