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The CEM70 and revolutionary CEM70G are new standard bearers of the iOptron brand for equatorial mounts in the 70lb payload segment.

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The CEM70 and revolutionary CEM70G are iOptron‘s standard bearers for equatorial mounts in the 70lb payload segment.

Retaining the inherent properties of the center balance design, the CEM70 and CEM70G are relatively compact medium payload mounts deliver what astronomers expect in an efficient accurate portable mount. With precise GOTO pointing and accurate tracking (PE <±3.5 arcsec) the CEM70 is a solid performer for observers and imagers alike.

Innovative operational features such as the internal iPolar electronic polar scope, easy lock drive gear engagement (levers large enough to use with gloves), an advanced cable management system for the mount, iPolar, guider, and camera, and cumulatively assure users the CEM70 and CEM70G designed with their needs in mind.

The CEM70G includes the iPolar electronic polar scope, iGuider, onboard autoguiding camera and a hard case.

(Tripod/Pier not included. See bundle offer with LiteRoc tripod for the CEM70 and CEM70G)

Technical Features of both the CEM70 and CEM70G:

  • Mount Type:     CEM (Center balanced equatorial Mount).
  • Payload (excl. CW):     31.8 kg?70 lbs).
  • Mount Weight:     13.6 kg (30 lbs).
  • Payload/Mount Weight:     2.33.
  • Latitude Adjustment Range:     0?65°.
  • Azimuth Adjustment Range:     ±4°.
  • Tracking Accuracy (PE):     < ±3.5 arcsec.
  • Period:     348 sec.
  • Right Ascension Worm Wheel:     248 teeth, M=0.6, Ø151 mm.
  • Declination Worm Wheel:     248 teeth, M=0.6, Ø151 mm.
  • Worm:     Ø21.2 mm.
  • Right Ascension Axle:     Ø55 mm steel.
  • Declination Axle:     Ø55 mm.
  • Right Ascension Bearings:     Ø80 mm.
  • Declination Bearings:     Ø80 mm,
  • Counterweight Shaft:     Ø28 x 415 mm (SS, 1.9 kg).
  • Counterweight:     9.5 kg x 1.
  • Mounting Base Diameter:    Ø152 mm.
  • Motor:     1.8° stepper motor w/128 micor-step.
  • Resolution:     0.07 arcsec.
  • Transmission:    Synchronous belt.
  • Hand Controller:     Go2Nova 8407+;  8 line 21 character LCD.
  • Power:     DC 12V, 5A.
  • Power Consumption:     0.6A (tracking), 0.8A (GOTO).
  • Polar Scope:     Internal electronic polar scope, iPolar.
  • Meridian treatment:     Stop (0-10° pass), flip.
  • Zero position:     Automatic zero search.
  • Park position:     horizontal, vertical, current, alt/az input.
  • Dovetail saddle:     8-inch L-style D, and V-style.
  • Level Indicator:     YES.
  • Slew speed:     3.75°/sec (900x) max.
  • PEC:     Permanent PEC.
  • Guiding Port:     ST-4.
  • GPS:     YES.
  • Operation temperature range:     -20°C ~ +45°C.
  • Hard case:     YES.
Weight22 kg
Dimensions52 × 45 × 25 cm


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