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Touptek E3ISPM09000KPB IMX533 uncooled camera


Unveil the hidden wonders of the microscopic realm and journey to the stars with the ToupTek E3ISPM09000KPB camera. Originally crafted for microscopy, this versatile CMOS digital camera is your gateway to breathtaking planetary, lunar, and solar imaging. Its superior noise control and expansive sensor reveal elusive lunar phases, making it ideal for capturing the elusive new moon.

With specialized microscopy software offering precise measurements, live stacking, and Extended Depth of Field (EDF), your microscopy endeavors reach new heights. And for astronomy enthusiasts, the E3ISPM09000KPB seamlessly integrates with a range of standard astronomy software, including Sharpcap, thanks to included drivers. Experience the universe in unprecedented clarity and adaptability, all in one remarkable camera.

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ToupTek E3ISPM09000KPB IMX533 uncooled camera

The ToupTek E3ISPM09000KPB camera, originally designed for microscopy, now steps beyond its roots to embrace a broader universe of imaging possibilities. This remarkable camera is not only your ideal companion for microscopy but also a stellar choice for planetary, lunar, and solar imaging. It excels at revealing even the most challenging lunar phases, such as the elusive new moon, thanks to its remarkably low noise and large sensor, ensuring that no details are lost amidst sensor noise.

Discover True Clarity: Unleash the full potential of your microscopy experience with this modern CMOS digital camera. Boasting exceptional sensitivity and high frame rates, the E3ISPM09000KPB delivers true-to-life colors and minimal noise, providing stunning visuals for your microscope observations.

Versatile Imaging Software for Microscopy: Take your microscopy to the next level with the included software. This comprehensive package is designed specifically for microscopy, offering a suite of professional functions. From precise measurements to live stacking and Extended Depth of Field (EDF) capabilities, this software empowers you to fine-tune your images, ensuring crystal-clear, scientifically precise results.

Astronomy-Ready with Seamless Integration: For those venturing beyond the microscopic world to explore the cosmos, the E3ISPM09000KPB camera comes equipped with drivers that enable effortless integration with a broad range of standard astronomy software. This includes popular applications like Sharpcap and many others. These drivers make it easy to adapt the camera for astronomical purposes, allowing you to capture celestial wonders with ease and precision.

Adaptable and Versatile: Designed for ease of use, the CNC housing features a C-mount thread for effortless adaptability to various optical setups. Whether you’re using it for microscopy or astronomical purposes, this camera’s adaptability ensures you can seamlessly integrate it into your equipment.

Developer-Friendly: For those with a passion for software development, the E3ISPM09000KPB camera provides extensive support. The included Software Development Kit (SDK) includes Native C/C++, C#/VB.Net, DirectShow, Twain, and LabView support, all conveniently available on the included CD. This open-door approach allows you to customize your imaging experience to your unique needs.

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  • Sensor: Unleash the full potential of your microscopy experience with a 9MP Sony CMOS IMX533 (color) sensor.
  • Sensor Size (mm): A generous 1″ sensor measuring 11.31×11.28 mm ensures you capture every detail.
  • Pixel Size (μm): With 3.76×3.76 μm pixels, you get sharp, high-resolution images.
  • Shutter: The rolling shutter ensures quick and accurate image capture.
  • Frame Rate (max): Enjoy up to 40 frames per second at 3008×3000 resolution, 123 fps at 1488×1500, and a whopping 186 fps at 992×998.
  • G Sensitivity: Achieve clarity with a sensitivity of 535mV at 1/30s.
  • Dark Signal: Keep noise at bay with a dark signal of only 0.04mV at 1/30s.
  • Output: Connect seamlessly via USB 3.0 for fast and reliable data transfer.
  • Support System: Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac, and Linux, ensuring it works with your preferred operating system.
  • Mounting Sizes: The camera features a C-mount for convenient attachment to your equipment.
  • Compatible Adapter: Choose from a 1X C-Mount or AMA0100, FMA100 (23.2 to C-Mount) eyepiece lens for enhanced versatility.

For those seeking fast frame rates, simply reduce the exposure time to capture rapid movements with precision. With the ToupTek E3ISPM09000KPB camera, your exploration of the microcosm and the cosmos is taken to new heights, all with exceptional image quality and adaptability at your fingertips. Experience the world like never before with ToupTek’s advanced imaging technology.

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