Shipping and Delivery Policy

How will you ship my order?

We ship via your selected shipping option where service is applicable. Orders will be sent out on next courier pickup round as soon as your order is confirmed. For orders of products not in stock, we will contact you with estimated delivery date from manufacturer before finalizing your order.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the globe, but in general we do not do business in conflict areas or where there are legal embargoes preventing us from doing business.

Shipping time frame

  • Orders in stock will be dispatched on next delivery pickup based on the service selected by the client. If the client has selected shipping by DHL or Aramex, time to deliver GCC countries normally takes less than 1 week. For global shipment please allow one month for shipping. Customs clearance issues could result in shipments taking several weeks to clear, we take no responsibility for customs delays. Shipping by normal postal services have no guaranteed delivery time frame. If using DHL or Aramex, the client will be provided with a tracking number to track the shipment.
  • Orders for products on back-order will be shipped out once received from manufacturer, estimated delivery date will be provided to the client on confirmation from the manufacturer. At which point the client can choose to cancel the order if they find the delivery time frame unacceptable and a refund will be provided. Once order delivery time frame has been accepted by the client we take no responsibilities for delays due to manufacturer/supplier delays as these are very common with Astronomy equipment suppliers being that most of them are very small cottage industries.
  • For custom manufactured products we provide no commitment to delivery date, only estimate as manufacturing lead time is unpredictable for custom products
  • We take no responsibility for any delays caused by unusual external factors such as sudden changes in laws, customs clearance issues, natural disasters, trade wars etc…..

Why is my order shipping next week?

We only ship on working days (Sunday to Thursday). Should your order miss the last pickup of the day on Thursday, it will not ship till Sunday morning. Some items may require extra preparation time before pickup, you will be notified if this is the case so the shipment can be delivered as soon as possible.

How much does shipping cost?

An estimated shipping price will be presented to you once you fill the shopping cart with the relevant details.. Shipping prices on the shopping cart are not final, we will contact you with a revised and more accurate quote once your order has been received as we may be able to bring down the shipping cost by combining multiple boxes into one box.

Who is responsible for duties, taxes and processing at the destination?

The customer is responsible for any duties, taxes or processing fees on receiving end, we do not cover these except on special request where they will be added to the bill in advance.

This document was last updated on March 25th, 2021, Added Aramex shipping as one of the shipping options

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