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Rodion Herrera

The Classical Cassegrain: Proven Excellence

Most telescope users are familiar with the Schmidt-Cassegrain design, a short-tube catadioptric that is that is quite popular among astronomy and astrophotography buffs. But while most people are familiar with the name Schmidt, owing to the Schmidt camera, invented by Bernhard Schmidt, the origins of the Cassegrain part of the name eludes many. The Cassegrain

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Angular size of Venus
Rodion Herrera

Angular Sizes and Venus’ Brightness

Starting this January, the planet Venus will begin to appear gradually brighter in the western sky, right after sunset. Venus’ phase is changing from a roundish gibbous shape, into a half-moon shape, and then into a crescent shape, as seen in Figure 1. At first glance, this seems rather counter-intuitive—why would it get brighter, when

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