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  • bresser laser collimator Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    BRESSER Laser collimator 31.7mm (1.25″)

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    The laser-collimator makes aligning the mirrors of a Newtonian telescope simple, fast and precise. With the laser you collimate your optics even in the dark without additional accessories. Precisely machined it fits a 1,25″ focuser without tilting. The built-in projection area enables collimating even long focal length scopes in a breeze.

  • t2 sct adapter Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    T2 Extension Tube Set

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    Set of 5 extension tubes with T2 thread on both sides for astrophotography. Additionally with adapter from SC to T2 thread.

    • 5 T2 tubes with lengths from 5 mm to 30 mm
    • For exact camera distances in astrophotography
    • Length of tubes: 5/7.5/10/15/30 mm
    • T2 thread on both sides of each tube
    • Also comes with SC to T2 thread adapter.
  • solar telescope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    BRESSER Solarix Telescope 114/500 with Solar Filter

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    Telescope with Solar Filter
    • Newton-Telescope + Filter for Solar Observations
    • Aperture: 114 mm; Focal length: 500 mm
    • Mag.: 20x-111x
    • Incl.: Telescope, Mount+Tripod, Solar Filter, Acc.
    • Fast Setup – Easy Use
    • Ready for solar and celestial observing
    • Special objective filter for safe solar observations
    • Complete accessories for immediate observations
    • Smartphone Holder Bracked for cellphone photography
    • The telescope arrives completely assembled – observation can start immediately
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Refractor Telescope 70/900 NG

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    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Refractor Telescope 70/900 NG

    The 70-mm refractor telescope is a classic and can be used for either astronomy or nature observations (e.g. of wild animals). The 900 mm long focal length gives a sharp and brilliant picture. The telescope features the new MPM mount, which is versatile and easy to use.

    It can be used in azimuthal mode (for terrestrial observations) or in equatorial mode (for astronomical use). Despite its versatility, the MPM mount is extremely flexible, compact and lightweight for easy handling.

  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Newton Telescope 130/650 EQ3

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    • easy to handle reflector telescope for beginners
    • mirror diameter: 130mm / focal length: 650mm
    • mount: equatorial with tripod
    • magnification: 26x-195x
      • scope of supply: telescope, mount, tripod, accessories
  • national geographic dobsonian telescope 76-350 Brand: Sale! Add to cart Quick View

    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 76/350 Compact Dobsonian Telescope

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    The ease of use of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 76/350 Compact Telescope makes it a perfect entry-level telescope.

    • A Dobsonian telescope is easy to operate
    • Mirror diameter: 114mm / Focal length: 50mm
    • Mount: azimuthal Dobson table mount
    • Magnification: 18x-117x
    • What’s included: telescope, eyepiece, accessories
  • Refracting Telescope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    BRESSER JUNIOR Refracting Telescope 70/400 with Backpack green

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    Everything to hand to help you jump into astro observations – with the children’s telescope with accessories in the backpack, you can explore the night sky wherever you go.

    • Refractor telescope for children aged 8 and above, to help you get started with astro observations
    • With backpack for the telescope and extensive accessories
    • Objective lens diameter: 70 mm, Focal length: 400 mm, Magnification: 20-100x
    • With star diagonal mirror and 1.5x reverse lens also suitable for daytime observations
    • Package contents: Children’s telescope, backpack, 5×24 finder scope, star diagonal mirror, 3 eyepieces (H20/H12/H6), 1.5x reverse lens, tripod, smartphone holder, manual
    • With smartphone holder to help you get started with astrophotography
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 114/500 Compact Telescope

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    • The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 114/500 Compact telescope is an optimal reflector telescope for beginners, which offers a comprehensive range of accessories and many possibilities in observation.

      • easy to handle reflector telescope for beginners
      • mirror diameter: 114mm / focal length: 500mm
      • mount: alt-azimuth Dobson table mount
      • magnification: 25x-167x
      • scope of delivery: telescope, 2 eyepieces (6 mm, 20 mm), Barlow lens 2x, moon filter, LED finder, software
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 60/700 Refracting Telescope AZ

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    The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 60/700 AZ Refractor telescope is a very good lens telescope for beginners with a complete system

    • easy to use starter telescope
    • objective lens diameter: 60mm / focal length: 700mm
    • alt-azimuth mount with tripod; magnification: 35x-525x
    • delivery scope: telescope, mount, tripod, 3 eyepieces,
    • 5×24 finder,3x Barlow lens,1.5x erecting lens, Astro software
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 76/700 Reflector Telescope EQ

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    Newton reflector telescope perfect for planet and moon observations

    • easy to use entry-level telescope
    • mirror diamater: 76mm / focal length: 700mm
    • mount: equatorial with tripod
    • magnification: 23x-262,5x
    • scope of delivery: telescope, mount, tripod, accessories
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