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Elevate your stargazing experience with the Geoptik Eyepieces Waist Bag – a testament to Italian craftsmanship in astronomical accessories. Meticulously designed by Geoptik, this waist bag redefines convenience for telescope enthusiasts, providing a tailored solution to keep your telescope eyepieces within arm’s reach. Boasting four intelligently sized pockets, each tailored to accommodate various eyepiece dimensions, this bag ensures seamless transitions between magnifications while you observe the cosmos. Expertly crafted by the renowned Italian manufacturer, the Geoptik eyepieces waist bag harmonizes functionality with style, a perfect companion for your celestial journeys under the stars.

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Experience astronomy at its finest with the Geoptik Eyepiece Waist Bag, an exquisite creation from the esteemed Italian manufacturer. Melding form and function, this bag is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of telescope aficionados, ensuring your observing sessions are seamless and engaging. Designed to accommodate up to nine eyepieces of either 1.25″ or 2″ size, the bag’s four compartments offer bespoke homes for your valuable optics collection, eliminating the fumbling often associated with searching for the right eyepiece. As you indulge in celestial marvels, this waist bag grants you the freedom to transition effortlessly between varying magnifications, all while keeping your eyepieces organized, protected, and accessible. Moreover, the adjustable belt size ensures a custom fit for every enthusiast, optimizing comfort during extended observation sessions. Elevate your stargazing endeavors with the Geoptik Eyepiece Waist Bag – where Italian ingenuity meets astronomical passion, redefining the way you explore the cosmos.


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  • Accessories bag.
  • With 4 pocket.
  • Capacity of 9 eyepieces of 1,25″ and 2″, Barlow lens, diagonal etc…
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