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Zenithstar 61II APO (Gold)


The William Optics Zenithstar 61 II APO features an air-spaced doublet lens with fully multi-coated optics and an Ohara FPL-53 ED glass element for sharp, high contrast images virtually free of false-colour. Provides high resolution images when used for astrophotography and is a convenient ultra-portable telescope for visual astronomy (wide-field). Comes with free soft carry case.

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The William Optics ZenithStar 61II Apo refractor combines superb color-corrected optics, extreme portability, and rock-solid built quality into a versatile telescope for the ultimate portability for visual observation and astrophotography. This scope is an ideal instrument for wide-field visual sweeps of stars and nebulae along the Milky Way, lunar and solar observation (with an optional solar filter), and daytime nature observation. It also makes an excellent astrograph for imagers who wish to take advantage of large-sensor DSLRs and astronomy cameras to capture wide and colorful vistas in the night sky.


  • The full-frame sensor size is approximately 36X24.
  • A 41 mm diameter image circle.
  • The Focuser is 50.8 mm (2-inch), rack and pinion, with 10:1 dual-speed micro focuser and a 75 mm travel length.
  • A rotatable L mounting bracket.
  • The tube length has a range of 230 mm when fully retracted, and 300 mm when fully extended.
Weight2.55 kg
Dimensions35 × 31 × 17 cm


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  • 61mm diameter, 360mm focal length, f/5.9
  • Two element APO design using FPL-53 glass
  • 2″ R&P Focuser for smooth, stable and reliable focusing
  • Integrated CAT Handle bar with Vixen-style Finder Shoe Clamp – great for guide scopes!
  • Integrated Bahtinov Mask for easy, precise focusing
  • CNC clamp ring with saddle handle bar and longer dovetail makes balancing and mounting much easier and more rigid
  • Soft padded case
  • Tube length: 245mm retracted / 315mm extended
  • Tube Weight: 2.2kg
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