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9.5kg CW for iEQ45-CEM60


Additional 9.5 kg counterweight for the iEQ45 and CEM60 mount.

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This counterweight will fit the following mounts:

  • CEM70/CEM70G
  • GEM45/GEM45G/GEM45EC
  • iEQ45/iEQ45 Pro
  • CEM60/CEM60EC
  • CEM40G (NOT for CEM40 or CEM40EC)
Weight9.98 kg
Dimensions0.23 × 0.23 × 0.12 cm


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Weight: 9.5 kg (21 lbs.)

Outer diameter: 5.78″ (147 mm)

Inner diameter: 1.11” (28.28 mm)

Height: 2.95″ (75mm)

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