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Solar Imaging Reflective Disk


This is a reflective disk that is inserted between the camera and the focuser. The disk that protects an astrophotography camera from direct sunlight when doing solar imaging, thus avoids overheating the camera sensor.

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Elevate Your Solar Imaging Experience with Geoptik’s Solar Imaging Reflective Disk!

Capture the sun’s mesmerizing beauty while safeguarding your precious equipment with the Solar Imaging Reflective Disk by Geoptik. This innovative accessory is designed to take your solar photography to the next level:

Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Sunlight Reflection and Shade: Geoptik’s Solar Imaging Reflective Disk, boasting an impressive external diameter of 190 mm, is your ultimate solution for comprehensive heat protection. This reflective disk not only provides ample shade but also efficiently reflects sunlight away from your camera. The result? Superior temperature control during solar imaging, ensuring your camera remains cool and your photos remain noise-free and stunningly vibrant.
  2. Efficient Heat Dissipation: Crafted with precision engineering and a thickness of 1 mm, this disk excels at dissipating excess heat generated during solar imaging. Your telescope and its components remain protected, ensuring longevity and consistent, top-tier performance.
  3. Reliable and Durable: The Solar Imaging Reflective Disk is not only reliable but also built to last. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting protection for your valuable equipment.
  4. Peace of Mind: Solar imaging can be unpredictable and potentially damaging to your gear. With Geoptik’s Solar Imaging Reflective Disk, you gain peace of mind as it serves as your safeguard against overheating and related risks during solar photography adventures.

Unlock the full potential of solar imaging with the Solar Imaging Reflective Disk by Geoptik. Take your solar photography game to new heights, capturing the sun’s brilliance with confidence while ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

Note: Ensure compatibility with your camera and telescope setup for optimal performance. The Solar Imaging Reflective Disk is your key to noise-free, captivating solar photography.

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Dimensions20 × 20 × 0.3 cm


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External diameter: 190 mm
Internal diameter: 32.5 mm
Thickness: 1 mm

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