ScopeDome 2M Basic Dome manual

ScopeDome 2M basic version – no drives or automation systems. All the domes are handmade with the highest quality laminate. They are impact-resistant, weatherproof and protected against UV radiation.

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ScopeDome 2M basic version – no drives or automation systems

NOTE: Price does not include shipping cost, and does not cover customs duties/taxes. Furthermore, other variations (i.e. additional storage space for tower, level floor, and custom color) require consultation with ASC for custom quotation. PRICE IS NOT FINAL WHEN YOU PLACE THE ORDER, WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE FINAL QUOTATION AFTER ORDERING

The manual version of the dome contains:

The dome without the tower is delivered assembled, ready for installation on a previously prepared concrete base or roof.



You can add 120 or 80 cm towers (walls) to the dome. One storage space for equipment is included in the price of the tower.

Uprade options:

Thanks to the modular design, the dome is adapted to be expanded in the future with the option of drives and automation systems. This gives you the opportunity to order the cheapest manual first and, as your observatory develops, add more automation components.

The main advantages of 2M manual dome:

  • simple and fast installation of the dome,
    dome will be delivered to you assembled and tested, its installation does not require more work than a typical installation of the telescope,
  • the dome is ready for operation immediately after unpacking,
  • all the shutter rolls and rotating mechanism are hidden inside the dome to protect it from weather,
  • tightness better then in larger domes, design and production in 3D and CNC technology allowed us to minimize the space between the rotating parts of the dome.


tower options

no tower, 80 cm, 120 cm


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Dome dimensions

  • diameter of the dome: 2000 mm
  • shutter width: 590 mm
  • dome height: 1400 mm
  • diameter of the base: 1940 mm
  • diameter of the outer base ring: 1940 mm
  • diameter of the inner base ring: 1820 mm
  • weight (with pallet): ~ 250 kg

  Height with the optional dedicated towers

  • tower H80 : 2340 mm
  • tower H120 : 2615 mm
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