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ZWO Seestar S50 Smart Telescope

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ZWO Seestar S50 Smart Telescope integrates a telescope, electric focuser, astronomical camera, ASIAIR intelligent controller, altazimuth mount and filter switching device into a single unit, with a body weight of only 3 KG.
With the use of a mobile app, it allows for easy capturing of sky objects such as the Sun, Moon, galaxies and nebulas.

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ZWO Seestar S50 Smart Telescope: Explore the Universe with Ease

Embark on a celestial journey like never before with the ZWO Seestar S50 computerized Telescope. This innovative computerized telescope redefines stargazing, making it accessible to both beginners and seasoned astronomers.

Effortless Control:

Thanks to the intuitive mobile phone app, controlling the ZWO Seestar S50 smart telescope is a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated setups and cumbersome manual adjustments. Just launch the app, select your target from the celestial or landscape modes, and let the Seestar S50 take care of the rest. It automatically locates and tracks your chosen subject, capturing stunning photos effortlessly.

Social Sharing Made Easy:

Share your astronomical adventures with friends and fellow stargazers using the integrated social features of the mobile app. Capture mesmerizing images and instantly showcase your celestial discoveries with others.

Complete Portability:

Experience the convenience of an all-in-one solution. The ZWO Seestar S50 Smart Telescope seamlessly integrates the telescope, mount, and computer into a compact unit. Transporting it is a breeze, thanks to the included carry case. Whether you’re in your backyard or a remote stargazing spot, you’re always ready for your next cosmic encounter.

Stunning Image Quality:

Enjoy breathtaking views of the night sky, free from chromatic aberration, thanks to the professional-grade triplet apochromatic optics and high-quality coatings. The live stacking mode reveals hidden details and colors, enhancing your celestial experience.

Imaging in Any Location:

Connect to your Seestar S50 with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, ensuring you’re always in control, regardless of your stargazing location. Mobile sensors assist with tripod leveling, and the device boasts low power consumption, with the option to recharge via a power bank for extended sessions.

Advanced Filters Included:

The Seestar S50 comes equipped with a solar filter, allowing you to safely image the sun. Additionally, the integrated light pollution filter enhances contrast, making it possible to capture stunning images of nebulae even in light-polluted areas.

User-Friendly and Informative:

No expertise required! The Seestar S50 is designed for all skill levels. The mobile app guides you through the process effortlessly. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a telescope command center with a few taps, gaining access to comprehensive star and deep sky object lists and detailed celestial information.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 3KG
  • Size: 142x129x257 mm
  • Battery Life: 6 Hours
  • Aperture: 50mm
  • Lens: Triplet apochromatic optics
  • Focal Length: 250mm
  • Sensor: IMX462
  • Image Formats: MP4/AVI/TIFF
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Wi-Fi: 5G/2.4G
  • Temperature/Humidity: Ambient temperature 0-40°C/less than 60%
  • Mount Mode: Altazimuth Mode

Unleash your inner astronomer with the ZWO Seestar S50 smart telescope. Explore the cosmos effortlessly, capture stunning images, and share your discoveries with the world. Start your cosmic journey today!

Weight4 kg
Dimensions32 × 32 × 16 cm

5 reviews for ZWO Seestar S50 Smart Telescope

  1. English

    Farah Al-Essa

    It just works! Unbelievable results and ease of use for the price.

  2. English

    Raj Menon

    A fantastic product for people starting into astrophotography. Very quick and easy to set up and quite easy to use as well. I’ve managed to capture various nebulae, the moon and the sun. Would highly recommend this product.

  3. English

    Mohyeldeen Saleh

    Compact, meets expectations

    • English

      Hilmi Al-Kindy (official)

      Thank you for your review

  4. English

    Hassan Al Lawati

    The easiness of using the telescope

  5. English

    Hassan Al Lawati

    The easiness of using the telescope

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  • weight: 3KG
  • Size: 142x129x257 mm
  • battery life: 6 Hours
  • Aperture: 50mm
  • lens: Triplet apochromatic optics
  • focal length: 250mm
  • sensor: IMX462
  • image format MP4/AVI/TIFF
  • resolution: 1920*1080
  • WI-FI:5G/2.4G
  • temperature/Humidity: ambient temperature 0-40C/ less than 60%
  • mount mode: altazimuth mode
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