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  • USB dew heater Brand: Select options Quick View

    USB Dew Heater Strip

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    This  USB dew heater prevents moisture from forming on your telescope objective or camera lens during astrophotography imaging sessions. This particular design utilizes USB port. Please select which size you require from the drop down menu.

  • GEM45 german equatorial mount with Hard Case - Copy Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    GEM45 with Hard Case

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    The iOptron GEM45 next generation German equatorial mount has a sharp-looking CNC body and is the first indicator the GEM45 is a top quality mount in both form and function. Utilizing experiences gained during development of the CEM series, iOptron was able to remove unnecessary bulk giving the GEM45 an incredible 2.5 payload to mount weight ratio. This compact 17.5 lbs mount can precisely GOTO an object and track with up to 45 lbs of gear onboard. With its integrated electronic polar scope (iPolar), polar alignment is a snap, even when the pole star is obscured.

  • ASI2600MC-P Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    ASI2600MC Pro (color)

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    ASI2600MC Pro uses Sony’s latest back-illuminated IMX571 APS-C format sensor with a native 16-bit ADC. It is the colour version of the ASI2600MM Pro. It has an impressive range of features that make it a popular choice for astrophotographer. Here are some of the reasons why:

    • Ultra-low 0e- readout noise – bringing out more details in your images with improved dynamic range
    • Innovative breakthrough design resulting in zero amp-glow – even during long exposures, which means one thing less to worry about in post-processing
    • 16-bit ADC sensor – giving a high dynamic range of up to 14 stops!
    • 80% peak QE – no need to worry about saturating stars
  • bag for counterweight Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Bag for Counterweight

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    This is a handy container for carrying and storing counterweights. It can carry one 9-10 Kg. counterweight or two 5 Kg counterweights. It comes with a durable zipper.

  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Secondary Dovetail Saddle for AZ Mount Pro

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    This secondary dovetail saddle is for AZ Mount Pro/MiniTower Pro/MiniTower II. It accepts a Vixen style dovetail bar.

  • gran turismo 71 APO refractor telescope Brand: Read more Quick View

    All New Gran Turismo 71 APO refractor telescope

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    The William Optics Gran Turismo 71 Apo is the new jewel of the apochromatic refractor world. The new GT71 Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) features a 3-element objective using high-quality FPL-53 extra-low dispersion glass that reduces any secondary spectrum to an unbelievable degree.

  • 2in nosepiece Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    2-in nosepiece

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    This is a 2″ nosepiece adapter for T2 camera adapter.

  • cem70 Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    CEM70 Equatorial Mount for Telescope

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    The CEM70 and revolutionary CEM70G are new standard bearers for equatorial mounts in the 70lb payload segment.

    (NOTE: Tripod/Pier not included. See bundle offer with LiteRoc tripod for the CEM70 and CEM70G)

  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    15.7″ Losmandy-Style Dovetail (Gold)

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    This heavy-duty William Optics D-Series Universal Dovetail Plate will fit a vast array of refractors. The dovetail is made of a durable gold anodized aluminum for a chic, modern finish. Measures 15.75″ in length and is compatible with refractors from William Optics as well as Celestron, Meade, Takahashi, Stellarvue, Skywatcher or any other mount suitable for Losmandy-style dovetails. Mounts to any scope without difficulty. Screws not included.

  • Telescope cleaning Set Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Astrocleaner Kit

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    Optical cleaner solution for astronomy, defogger and sanitizer.
    Ideal for removing stains and fingerprints, water droplets dry, traces of oil from lenses and mirrors.
    Does not contain ammonia, acetone or other aggressive components that can damage the surface of the lenses or mirrors.
    Non-toxic, not flammable, antistatic, contains no alcohol, does not leave stains and residue on surfaces.

    The kit include:

    1 bottle of Astrocleaner spry 30 Ml.
    1 Microfiber 20×30 mm

  • Celestron C5 Spotting scope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Celestron C5 SPOTTING SCOPE

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    • 5″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Design
    • StarBright XLT Coatings
    • 25 mm (50x) Eyepiece
    • 45° Erect Image Diagonal
    • 6×30 Erect Image Finderscope
    • Water-Resistant Soft-Sided Case
    • Needs a tripod or astronomical mount in order to use it.
  • wifi controller Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    ASIAR Plus-256g 3rd edition smart WIFI controller

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    dimentions: 100*70*26.5

    Integrated with brand new eMMC Storage, ASIAIR Plus eliminates the trouble of backing up the system.
    Passed by over 300 strict and professional tests – a super stable system
    accessible to all has arrived!

  • USB C Power Delivery to 12v Barrel Connector Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    USB C Power Delivery (PD) to 12v Barrel Connector

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    This USB-C PD to 12V power barrel connector cable is the perfect solution for powering astronomical instruments when away from AC power supplies. It comes with adapters for multiple sizes of barrel connectors, making it versatile and easy to use.

  • ioptron carbon fiber tripod 40 Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Carbon Fiber Tripod 40mm Ver.A

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    The iOptron carbon fiber tripod provide a lightweight yet strong support for iOptron mounts.

  • Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    New Adjustable Flat61 for Z61

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    Getting the best images when taking photographs of the night sky can be a tricky task. There are magnificent telescopes that make this task a little easier, and William Optics has provided a way to take this aid one step further. This William Optics Flat61 Field Flattener is specifically made for the Zenithstar 61 telescopes. They provide a flat field, an image circle of 43mm, for those who wish to do astrophotography.

  • am5 tc40 carbon-fiber tripod bundle Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    AM5 Mount with Carbon Fiber Tripod

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    AM5 Mount with TC40 Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Ever dreamed of an equatorial mount that requires no counterweights? ZWO has answered the call! They created an EQ mount that can operate without a counterweight. This product comes with the TC40 Carbon fiber pipe tripod as an option.


  • swan 9mm eyepiece 2 Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    SWAN 9mm Eyepiece (1.25 inch)

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    Introducing SWAN (distributed by William Optics) eyepieces, for your most demanding visual observations. Features an internally baffled barrel, all lenses’ edges and internal spacers blackened, and fully multicoated. Unforgettable views of star clusters and the moon at 72 deg. F.O.V.  A premium eyepiece at a fraction of the cost it’s worth. This unit has a focal length of 20mm.

  • william optics uniguide guide scope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    All New Slide-base UniGuide 32mm Guide Scope

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    The 32 mm UniGuide guide scope from William Optics has a focal length of 120 mm and a focal ratio of f/3.75. The guide scope comes with a Vixen-style slide-base. This base is compatible with the William Optics saddle carry handle and the Cat Handle bar (neither handles are included).

  • AZ Mount Pro alt-azimuth mount with tripod Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    AZ Mount Pro alt-az mount and LiteRoc Tripod

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    Introducing the AZ Mount Pro featuring “level and go” intuitive GOTO setup. Using its built-in precision level indicator, the operator simply levels the mount and turns on the power; this capable computerized alt-azimuth telescope mount takes it from there. Utilizing the on board 32 channel GPS receiver and built-in position and angular detection sensors; the AZ mount Pro calculates its global position as well as the telescope orientation. Automatically the mount slews the instrument to an easily identifiable bright object in the night sky. The user need only confirm a bright object is in the center of the view, to activate tracking and GOTO functionality.

  • QHY294 Pro Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    QHY294C Pro

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    The new QHY294C Pro is a 4/3-inch back-illuminated camera, equipped with Sony IMX294 (Color) and IMX 492 (Mono) sensor. The 294C Pro has 11.7 MP at 4.63um, 14-bits A/D. The IMX294 and IMX492 chips have 46.8 million 2.315um pixels, which Sony 2×2 bins on-chip to create the sensor’s advertised 11.7 million 4.63um pixel array.

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