Eyepieces for telescope, for visual astronomical observation.

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    Plossl EP Super wide angel 50-Degree 8/25/30mm

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    Fully multi-coated optics; the eyepiece ensures that each glass surface has multiple layers of coating to obtain a better image quality

    All-metal structure; the eyepiece has fine workmanship and fine materials

    Matt blackened; the edge of the lens is matt blackened to prevent stray light interference

    25mm large eyepiece; plossl eyepieces with 25mm and longer focal lengths are good choices for spectacle wearers; can better protect the eyesight of the observer

    2 sets of 4-piece optical structures; the super plossl eyepiece structure has good compatibility

    The SV207 series are classic Plossl eyepieces that offer higher performance than the majority of eyepieces supplied with telescopes.

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    SV188P 1.25″ Diagonal

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    • Dielectric coatings; super flat mirror with dielectric coatings to reduce reflected light loss; provide an over 99% reflective surface; good for astronomical viewing
    • 1.25 inches nosepiece fits 1.25 inches telescopes; accepts standard 1.25in filters; eyepieces; Barlow lenses and other accessories with a 1.25in insert barrel
    • 90 degree viewing angle; diagonal reflects the telescope’s light path 90 degree to provide a more comfortable viewing angle; best for observing objects overhead
    • Correct upside down and left right reversed image; the view image is upright; but left and right reversed if use the 90 degrees to your telescope
    • Brass compression ring; Built in brass ring and thumbscrew accessories avoid eyepiece to rotate during adjustments; effortless fixes more firmly and will not scratch your eyepieces barrels
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    SWAN 9mm Eyepiece (1.25 inch)

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    Introducing SWAN (distributed by William Optics) eyepieces, for your most demanding visual observations. Features an internally baffled barrel, all lenses’ edges and internal spacers blackened, and fully multicoated. Unforgettable views of star clusters and the moon at 72 deg. F.O.V.  A premium eyepiece at a fraction of the cost it’s worth. This unit has a focal length of 20mm.

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