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  • image of Redcat 51 refractor telescope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    RedCat 51 mm f4.9 APO Astrograph Refractor Telescope

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    Is it a telescope? Is it a camera lens? Is it both? Call it what you will, but the new, 2nd generation William Optics RedCat 51 refractor is an affordable, compact, light-weight Petzval refractor with razor sharp optics in a compact and rugged package. It’s ideal for ultra-wide-field imaging of the deep sky and for terrestrial imaging of birds, landscapes, and wildlife.

  • askar ACL200L astrograph Brand: Sale! Add to cart Quick View

    Askar ACL200L Astrograph

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    The manual focus Askar ACL200 lens is ideal for deep-sky wide-field astrophotography with full-frame DSLR, mirrorless, or dedicated astronomy cameras using an optional 48mm T-ring adapter. This lens has been optimized for astronomical use, it has all the basic features you need and none of the ones you don’t need. An ideal lens for Astrophotography and landscape use.

  • Celestron C5 Spotting scope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Celestron C5 SPOTTING SCOPE

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    • 5″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Design
    • StarBright XLT Coatings
    • 25 mm (50x) Eyepiece
    • 45° Erect Image Diagonal
    • 6×30 Erect Image Finderscope
    • Water-Resistant Soft-Sided Case
    • Needs a tripod or astronomical mount in order to use it.
  • sca 260 aspherical cassegrain Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    SCA260 260mm f/5 Aspherical Cassegrain

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    Sharpstar presents the SCA260 260mm f/5 Aspherical Cassegrain astrograph.

    SCA260 is designed with an aspherical mirror which entails much more sophisticated research and development. The process of producing, manufacturing and testing is more complicated compared with that of an ordinary reflective mirror.
  • gran turismo 81 IV refracting telescope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Gran Turismo 81 IV refracting telescope

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    The Gran Turismo 81 is a Three Element Designed APO refractor. Using FPL-53 glass this telescope provides excellent aberration correction.


  • EdgeHD 800 Telescope Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Celestron EdgeHD 800 SCT OTA

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    The Celestron EdgeHD 800 SCT OTA is a top-tier optical tube assembly designed for passionate astrophotography enthusiasts. As a prominent member of the EdgeHD series, this telescope showcases a focal plane that is 3 times flatter, ensuring precise star capture across various eyepieces and imaging sensors. Featuring specialized aplanatic, flat-field optics, it produces distortion-free images for a broad visual and photographic range. Key attributes include authentic astrograph quality, enhanced performance with advanced edge capabilities, and innovative mechanical features. Each EdgeHD undergoes rigorous testing, guaranteeing exceptional quality that surpasses expectations, delivering outstanding astroimages.

  • zenithstar 61 with uniglide 32mm guidescope2 Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Zenithstar 61II APO Space Gray with 32mm Uniguide Scope

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    This bundle saves you 33 OMR compared to buying the Zenithstar 61 and uniguide separetly directly from William Optics!

    Are you ready to unleash the full potential of the night sky? The William Optics ZenithStar 61II with 32mm Uniguide scope is your ticket to the stars! This 61mm refracting APO telescope comes with two amazing accessories – a space gray anodized Cat Series handlebar and a 210mm dovetail plate – to enhance your viewing experience. With its FPL-53 glass and ability to work with any DSLR, you’ll be amazed by the sharp and vivid images you can capture for astrophotography or wildlife photography. Comes with FREE 32mm Uniguide guidescope! For those looking to take their lunar photography to the next level, this portable system can be paired with a dedicated Field Flattener R61 (sold separately) for a large image circle and high-power performance. Perfect with the iOptron Sky Hunter dual-mode GOTO mount (sold separately).

  • redcat71-main Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    RedCat 71 APO 350mm f/4.9

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    ● 71mm f/4.9 Astrograph.

    ● FPL-53 glass for colour free apochromatic performance.

    ● 4 elements in 3 groups (2-1-1- configuration; new, unique, patented design – not a conventional objective/flattener/reducer design).

    ● Covers 45mm full frame imaging circle.

    ● Precise helical focusing and camera rotation; includes a 48mm make thread that accepts a wide T-ring.

    ● Includes mounting rings, 21cm long Red Vixen style dovetail and Cat saddle.

    ● Weight =  6.2lbs / 2.8kg (OTA only);  8.2lbs /  3.7kg (OTA with ring, dovetail and saddle).

  • gran turismo 81 WIFD Brand: Add to cart Quick View

    Gran Turismo 81 WIFD

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    The WIFD Apochromatic series is part of William Optics‘ CAT (Central Axis Tube) design concept, which places the focuser mechanism at the center of the optical tube, rather than at the rear. This design helps to minimize the effects of flexure and image shift, ensuring a stable and reliable imaging platform. The internal focuser design also eliminates the need for a traditional drawtube, which can cause image shift and vignetting, especially when using heavy cameras and accessories. With the WIFD series, the user can enjoy a smooth and precise focuser, with no visible movements from the outside. This makes the WIFD series an ideal choice for astrophotographers who demand the highest level of performance and reliability from their equipment.

  • Askar FRA300 Pro Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    Askar FRA300 Pro

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    The newest addition to the Askar FRA series, the FRA300 Pro, is a compact and powerful astrograph that’s a game-changer for amateur astronomers. With its lightning-fast F/5 native focal ratio and small 60mm aperture, it delivers razor-sharp and delicate stars with an impressive RMS radius of just 2um. Housed within its optical tube assembly (OTA), the FRA300 Pro also supports 44mm imaging, making it a rare find for astrophotographers. Compared to other models, the F/5 focal ratio drastically reduces exposure time, allowing you to capture stunning images in less time. Plus, its compact design makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go astrophotographers. Upgrade your stargazing game with the Askar FRA300 Pro and its optical tube assembly (OTA)!

  • Askar FRA400 Brand: , Add to cart Quick View

    Askar FRA400

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    The brand new ASKAR FRA series! The FRA, which stands for “FLATFIELD REFRACTIVE ASTRAGRAPH”, is a refractive astrograph designed for built-in flat field correction. FRA also used in visual observation, this series creates versatile high-quality flat frame images for astrophotography, is the few great telescope of versatile optical tube.

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