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    Solar Generator Car Jumper Cables

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    Car won’t start? Need an emergency jump-start? With these Jumper Cables, you can use the ASC Power Station to jump-start a car.

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    ASIAR Plus-256g 3rd edition smart WIFI controller

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    dimentions: 100*70*26.5

    Integrated with brand new eMMC Storage, ASIAIR Plus eliminates the trouble of backing up the system.
    Passed by over 300 strict and professional tests – a super stable system
    accessible to all has arrived!

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    USB C Power Delivery (PD) to 12v Barrel Connector

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    This USB-C PD to 12V power barrel connector cable is the perfect solution for powering astronomical instruments when away from AC power supplies. It comes with adapters for multiple sizes of barrel connectors, making it versatile and easy to use.

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    Belkin USB-C Power Bank 20K

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    20,000 mAh upto 77 hours extra life

    30W USB-C fast charging Power Delivery (PD) power bank allows you to power you telescope mount all night on a single power bank, all you need to do is add a USB C PD to 12v cable available here.

    Due to restrictions on the shipping of Lithium Batteries, this item does not ship internationally, only available to Oman customers

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    Powerpole Power Distribution Box

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    This Power distribution box, utilizing Anderson Powerpole connectors, allows you to run one power cable to your system.  The main input has a master fuse (25A) and dim indicator light to show integrity of the incoming power feed and input fuse.  Each of the five outputs are separately fused (5A for each output).

    The unit can be easily fixed to your mount or scope, with its flat base.  And power to each device can be managed, making for a neat wiring installation.

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