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    Off-Axis Guider with 1.25-in Helical Focuser

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    This Off-Axis Guider is a set and comes packaged with a 1.25″ Helical Focuser. Off-Axis Guider for Astrophotography uses an internal pick-off prism that collects light running off of the telescope axis.

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    iOptron Electronic Automatic Focuser iEAF

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    The iOptron iEAF is a user-friendly automatic focuser that works seamlessly with major brand focusers. It offers precise automatic focusing, manual focus controls, and temperature-compensated focusing. Known for its quiet operation and compatibility with various focusers, it’s your key to enhanced astrophotography.

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    SESTO SENSO 2 33mm adapter

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    This 33mm adapter allows you to install SESTO SENSO 2 on focusers that come with a 33mm diameter shaft, like 2,5″ and 3″ FeatherTouch focusers (or other focusers with a 33mm diameter shaft). Out of the box, SESTO SENSO 2 connects to focusers that come with a 25mm diameter shaft (the most common diameter on the market). In order to connect it to focusers with a 33mm diameter shaft, you will need to include this adapter.

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    Sesto Senso 2 Robotic Focusing motor

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    SESTO SENSO 2 – The highly accurate, advanced, vibration free, robotic focusing motor for your telescope! Connect it to the USB port of your EAGLE or Windows® computer to electronically control focus while still allowing you to manually move your focuser by hand if needed. If you don’t want to focus using a computer, you can connect wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the integrated Virtual HandPad via the built-in Wifi network in the SESTO SENSO 2! Thanks to the Self Centering Clamp technology (SCC), SESTO SENSO 2 can be installed on most focusers without the need of external brackets. The supplied PLAY software and ASCOM driver allow easy configuration of the many advanced features of SESTO SENSO 2. Thanks to the precisely controlled motor with integrated electronics, SESTO SENSO 2 achieves incredible precision of just 0.7 microns.

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