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iOptron Electronic Automatic Focuser iEAF


The iOptron iEAF is a user-friendly automatic focuser that works seamlessly with major brand focusers. It offers precise automatic focusing, manual focus controls, and temperature-compensated focusing. Known for its quiet operation and compatibility with various focusers, it’s your key to enhanced astrophotography.

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iOptron Electronic Automatic Focuser iEAF

Transform Your Astrophotography with an Automatic Focuser

An electronic automatic focuser can take your astrophotography to new heights. One popular third party option is the iOptron Electronic Automatic Focuser (iEAF). This advanced focuser is designed to work seamlessly with major brand Crayford and Rack-and-Pinion focusers. It’s powered by a convenient USB connection, making setup simple. The iEAF integrates smoothly with astronomy software through ASCOM support. This allows for precise automatic focusing control straight from your computer. The iEAF is also equipped with manual focus controls so you can operate it without a computer. In addition, the iEAF has a built-in temperature sensor that can be used for temperature compensated focusing (This is where you can use the temperature readings to compensate the telescopes contracting or expanding effecting the focus position)

Known for whisper-quiet operation, the iEAF won’t disrupt long exposure shots. A powerful stepper motor moves the focuser backlash-free for high precision auto focusing. The USB interface provides for easy computerized control right at your fingertips. Compatibility is a priority with the iEAF. It works with most major brand focusers via appropriate mounting hardware. Convenient position memory lets you pick up astrophotography sessions right where you left off after powering down.

199Many photographers swear by the iEAF for its precision, user-friendly features, and premium image quality. See why the iOptron focuser is a top choice by trying it yourself. Experience a new level of clarity, control and convenience that could unlock your best astrophotos yet. An automatic focuser upgrade may be the key to capturing your personal slice of the cosmos.


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FocuserCrayford or Rack-and-Pinion focuser
Driving trainStepper motor
Power/CommunicationUSB2.0 port
Maximum payload5 kg
Temperature SensorYes (Built-in)
ControlASCOM compatible or manually
Focuser speed3 rpm
Dimensions51 X 61 X 41mm
Weight254g (focuser only)

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