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What Telescope Maintenance and Repair Services Does ASC Offer?

At Astronomical Solutions Company (ASC), we offer a range of maintenance and repair services to support your telescope:

  1. Basic Maintenance and Mechanical Repairs: We can handle mechanical repairs and board replacements for telescopes.
  2. Support for ASC Purchases: For telescopes bought from us, we provide full support and can order necessary parts directly from the manufacturer.
  3. Repairs for Non-ASC Telescopes: We offer repair services on a best-effort basis for telescopes not purchased through us. This includes a diagnostic fee to identify the problem, which may be waived for simple issues. However, we can’t guarantee repair success for these products.
  4. Non-repairable Products: Some telescopes, especially low-cost models, are designed in a way that makes them difficult to repair. In cases where a warranty covers the issue, we handle it at our expense. For non-warranty situations, we might suggest practical workarounds. For instance, for worn-out screw holes in plastic, we may recommend drilling a new hole and cutting a new thread as a more cost-effective solution than replacing the part.

Our goal is to provide effective and efficient service, ensuring your telescope continues to enhance your stargazing experiences.

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